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Safety Consulting
Safety Management
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Safety Program
Medical Support

Safety Consulting

Collins Safety Services provides Occupational Health and Safety Services for organizations requiring professional and economical health and safety solutions.

Safety Management

We help you by addressing your project needs and requirements to ensure nothing is missed and all legislative responsibilities and due-diligence are met.

Aerial Inspections

Our Aerial Services prove to be an invaluable tool for many applications allowing for a fast, easy and cost effective solution when you need eye’s in the sky.

Safety Programs

Specializing in assisting employers with WCB requirements for establishing and implementing Occupational Health and Safety Programs.

Medical Support

Authorized by the Ministry of Health Services & the BC Emergency Health Services (BCEHS) to provide “Contract First Aid” & “Non-Emergency Patient Transfers”.

Your Construction Safety Specialists

WCB Compliance

Ensuring regulatory compliance and due-diligence throughout your entire project.

Project Management

Rest assured…we’ll take the pressure off you…so you can focus on the project.


Safety Programs

   Custom Safety Programs
…are you in compliance?

We develop professional safety programs you can count on.
Branded to your company and secured to protect your company information.
All programs are developed to ensure compliance with WorkSafeBC regulation
and COR requirements and include added material you’ll only get from us.

Site Specific Safety Plans

   Site Specific Safety Programs (Management Plans)

Our Site Specific Safety Management Plans are developed to provide a complete and comprehensive document comprised of all the elements and requirements necessary to implement and manage an effective Site Specific Safety Management Plan for new and existing projects.

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We’ll help you evaluate and determine your needs. 

Supplemental Programs

  Supplemental Programs Include:

Fall Protection                 PPE                                          Hot Work
Confined Space               Fire Safety                              Hazard Assessment
Lockout / Tagout             Site Specific Safety               Silica Dust Exposure
Asbestos Exposure         Respiratory Protection        Contractor Management

All the above supplemental programs (and more) are included in
the “Formal” Company Safety Program package.


   Who needs a Safety Program?

All employers are required by WorkSafeBC regulation to have some form of Occupational Health and Safety Program in place to protect their workers.

WCB Regulation: (Part 3 Rights and Responsibilities):

3.1 When program required

(1) An occupational health and safety program as outlined in section 3.3 must be initiated and maintained

(a) by each employer that has

(i) a workforce of 20 or more workers, and

(ii) at least one workplace that is determined under section 3.16 (2) (b) to create a moderate or high risk of injury, or

(b) by each employer that has a workforce of 50 or more workers.


Collins Safety Services only partners with the top professionals in the industry to bring you effective and adaptive eLearning solutions that maximizes engagement, comprehension and retention in a dynamic, interactive style so that we may deliver the best possible training resources to our clients.

This combined with our own custom training packages, we’re able to offer your organization with quality safety training material specific to your organization, scope of work and provincial legislation information.

  • Safety Training


Classroom Safety Training  offers a much more “personal touch” and interaction between student and instructor while at the same time providing students with an effective and dynamic learning experience.

We believe this style of training provides students with beneficial advantages such as: the ability to ask questions, direct involvement with topic discussions and demonstrations, and “hands on” capabilities with equipment … just to name a few.

With this style of instructor led training, we can offer a wide variety of occupational health and safety education to provide your team with the valuable, necessary and required information for working safe. Go ahead… check out our courses currently available.

Keeping you safe… is what we do!

  • Contract First Aid

    We are proud to work with and in support of the B.C. Ambulance Service.
    Our company is a firm believer that convenience and patient care is paramount for our clients and patients alike.

  • Event Medical Stand By

    We own and operate fully equipped Type II ambulances which are staffed by our highly qualified medical team ready to respond in any situation

  • Ambulance Transportation Services

    Our goal is to further assist British Columbians by providing alternative transportation, proper care and timely response to their Non emergency appointments.

Services Overview

We specialize in a wide variety of health and safety services that help employers and contractors like you by providing solutions that fit your business.

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