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Collins Safety Services is approved and authorized by the Ministry of Health Services & the BC Emergency Health Services (BCEHS) to provide…  “Medical Standby” | “Contract First Aid” | “Non-Emergency Patient Transfers”

We are proud to work with and in support of the B.C. Ambulance Service.
Our company is a firm believer that convenience and patient care is paramount for our clients and patients alike.

Our mission is to assist British Columbians by providing the best possible medical support and alternative patient transportation services available.

For Medical Support Bookings or for further Information… please contact us @ (604) 476-1232

Industry Specific

Top four industries

  • Construction

    All types of construction carry with it a wide
    variety of hazards and associated risks from road
    construction to residential and commercial development… assessing the risks is critical.

  • Oil and Gas

    Both land and sea-based operations require specialized precautions. Preparation is critical to ensure the right medical resources are in place.

  • Mining

    As with any industry, proper risk assessments are essential. The mining industry commands a thorough analysis to ensure all hazards are identified.

  • Forestry

    Workers in the forest industry are typically at a higher risk of injury due to their scope of work.

    This is compounded greatly when working in remote locations so having the right resources on hand is essential.

Contract First Aid

We provide our clients with the required on-site medical services that fit their need or scope of work. Whether you have a special event or you need services to support your construction project… we’ll perform a risk assessment of your project or venue to ensure you not only meet legislation requirements, but more importantly… have the proper resources on hand to protect everyone involved.

Our medical unit consists of highly trained and certified personnel with various backgrounds and respectively host a wide variety of other enhanced medical certifications and safety credentials such as Advanced Life Support, Wilderness First Aid, High Angle Rescue, and Search & Rescue (Urban and Marine)…

So you can rest assured you’ll be in good hands. 

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We’re here to help !

We're here to help!