Accident / Incident Investigating


The purpose of accident/incident reporting and investigations is to prevent a recurrence of the hazardous condition causing the event. WorkSafeBC requires all employers to report and investigate any accident which:

  • resulted in injury requiring treatment by a medical practitioner
  • resulted in death or critical condition with a serious risk of death
  • involved a major structural failure or collapse
  • involved the major release of a toxic or hazardous substance
  • was a blasting or diving accident
  • did not result in an injury but had the potential for causing serious injury (near miss).


All work-related accidents, injuries and diseases must be reported to your supervisor and the first aid attendant at the earliest opportunity. The first aid attendant will enter a written record of your treatment in the first aid record book and, where necessary, will complete a WCB Form 7(First Aid Report) and forward it to the project supervisor. You may be requested to complete a WCB Form 6A (Worker's Report of Injury or Industrial Disease to Employer) to give to your supervisor.

All accidents/incidents with potential of injury or property loss shall be reported to the Project Supervisor immediately. He/she will initiate an investigation, interview witnesses and implement corrective action. The contractor Supervisor is also responsible to conduct an accident/incident investigation and submit it to the Project Supervisor and/or Site Safety Officer. 

An injury report must be made to the first aid attendant as well as your supervisor. Sign the treatment forms as written notification of accident and injury. If an injury occurs when no supervisors are present, phone the company office to report the accident. All reports must be made before the end of the shift if possible. If necessary, an injured employee may report direct to his doctor but must subsequently provide the company with information regarding:

  • reasons for going directly to the doctor;
  • date and time of visit; and
  • doctor’s directions.


All accidents involving damage to equipment or property must be reported to your supervisor. If the supervisor is not available, the damage must be reported to the company office. Near misses that could have resulted in a serious injury or property damage must be reported to your immediate supervisor. Worker’s Report of Injury or Industrial Disease to Employer (WCB Form 6A) must be completed by injured worker when they are fit to do so.


Accident Scene (Location) Preservation


In the event of a serious accident, nothing must be removed from or changed on the accident location before a WCB representative has given clearance to do so except where necessary to facilitate rescue operations or to prevent imminent injury.