The inspection process at the worksite is not to be limited to formalized inspections conducted by the project supervisor. The expectation is that there will be other active inspection processes in place.

Informal inspections will be conducted by supervisors on an ongoing basis in their areas of responsibilities. Formal safety inspections shall be conducted and documented by the Site Safety Officer or designate on the job site on a daily basis. Collins Safety Services Ltd. Inspection Program comprises of four types of inspections that are structured as follows:


Informal Workplace Inspections


All employees are expected to maintain continual awareness of hazards in their work areas.  This is accomplished by supervisors conducting regular walk-through of their areas of authority and by workers checking their work areas prior to commencing work.  No formal inspection report is required; however, any detected hazards must be corrected immediately if the task is within the employee’s capabilities.  If not, the hazard should be reported to the area supervisor or management for correction.


Formal Workplace Inspections


Collins Safety Services Ltd. projects will be inspected / audited on a quarterly basis by the company safety coordinator or his designate. Each site inspection will produce a site specific inspection report that will be forwarded and reviewed by each project manager and superintendent respectively. The site management team must ensure that any corrective action arising from these reports is taken so that the hazard is eliminated or controlled. These completed reports shall be compiled into a quarterly safety report to be forwarded to senior management and the Head Office Occupational Health and Safety Committee for review.

Collins Safety Services Ltd. Upon receiving COR, we will also conduct a yearly (internal) Certificate of Recognition Audit as well as schedule an external audit (once every three years) to maintain the company’s COR status and help us measure our progress.


Safety Committee Inspections


Safety Committee Inspections are workplace Inspections that are conducted by site safety committee members at least monthly. An Inspection Report is completed, documented and filed and copies sent to the employer (contractor) supervisor of the inspected area, and the safety committee for review. The area supervisor must ensure that corrective action is taken so that the hazard is eliminated or controlled.

Special Inspections 


Special inspections take place immediately after a malfunction, accident or after a new work procedure or machinery is introduced. The area supervisor and a worker representative (preferably a safety committee member) conduct this type of inspection. An Inspection Report must be completed and distributed to Collins Safety Services Ltd. management and local safety committee for review.  In addition, an Accident Investigation may be required for certain accidents (see Accident Investigation section of the manual).