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The Challenges

It’s a common fact that the majority of organizations in various industries may be feeling the pressure and experiencing the challenges of complying with all the health and safety legislation requirements while trying to manage their health and safety system. This combined with the daily challenges of meeting your own demanding business needs can be overwhelming…

It doesn’t have to be that way!

Our Mission

To provide organizations with the expertise, experience and assistance to meet Occupational Health and Safety requirements. We take all the pressure off you so you can focus on your business. With over 30 years in the industry and a combined 60 years of professional experience within our team, we’re confident we can help you achieve your safety goals regardless of how big or small, your industry, or scope of work.

Free Consultation

We always offer a free telephone consultation to get an overview of your needs. From this information we can provide you with a quick analysis of what may be required to get you where you want to be, the time involved, and the associated approximate cost involved.

We’ll take out the guess work so you can focus on production.

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Safety Consulting – Our Services

Safety Consulting

Typically we’ll start with an assessment or audit of your company’s Health & Safety Program and workplace or jobsite(s) to identify areas of strength and areas for possible improvement. With this information we can then provide you with a comprehensive company Gap Analysis report that can be used as a guideline for reaching your goals to a more diversified and improved Health & Safety System for your company.

Value added benefits of our services include:

• COR/SECOR, ISNetworld, CanQual, and ComplyWorks assistance.
• Documentation and preperation assistance with COR/SECOR Audits.
• Prime contractor readiness and SubContractor Pre-Qualification.
• Project safety management and safety coordination assurance.

A risk assessment is methodology of analyzing probability, severity, and consequence to determine the overall risk involved that may cause harm to a worker or worker(s).

Performing a risk/hazard assessment is an important step in protecting your employee’s and complying with legislation. A risk or hazard assessment assists in focusing on hazards that have the potential to cause harm and the probability of an incident occurring.

The objective of the risk assessment is to recognize the hazards, assess the risks and recommend control measures in order to manage or prevent the risk and ultimately prevent accidents or incidents. The risk assessment report will detail all of the findings and recommendations for corrective action. The main components of completing a risk assessment is determining the:

safety consulting risk assessments

  1. Hazard
  2. Persons at risk
  3. Severity of accident
  4. Probability of accident
  5. Risk control recommendations

Once the risk assessment is completed the employer will be able to determine the proper controls measures to implement.

Safety Audit InspectionPerhaps you want to evaluate your current safety program or safety system already in place to see how effective and compliant it is, or perhaps your organization wants to be recognized in the industry as a C.O.R. (Certificate of Recognition) certified company… we can help!

Our safety professionals and certified auditors can help you by providing an assessment of your current safety performance status as well as supply you with a detailed report that will help you evaluate and determine a plan of action for any areas that may need improvement.

To help prepare yourself for a COR certification audit and to help you understand what exactly we look for, you can download this checklist that will give you an idea of areas in your company’s organization may need attention.

An accident is an undesired event that results in physical harm to a person or damage to property.

It should always be considered practical to conduct an accident investigation for all accidents, incidents and near misses to determine the root cause so prevention of similar occurrences and future losses can be avoided. However, there are certain incidents/accidents in the workplace that are required to not only be reported to WorkSafeBC… but also followed up immediately with a formal investigation.

Regulation ExcerptIncident Accident

Incident Reporting

Immediate notice of certain accidents (WCB 172)

An employer must immediately notify the Board of the occurrence of any accident that;

(a) resulted in serious injury to or the death of a worker,

(b) involved a major structural failure or collapse of a building, bridge, tower, crane, hoist, temporary construction support system or excavation,

(c) involved the major release of a hazardous substance, or

(d) was an incident required by regulation to be reported.

Except as otherwise directed by an officer of the Board or a peace officer, a person must not disturb the scene of an accident that is reportable except so far as is necessary to attend to persons injured or killed, prevent further injuries or death, or protect property that is endangered as a result of the accident.

Incident Investigations

Incidents that must be investigated

An employer must immediately undertake an investigation into the cause of any accident or other incident that;

(a) is required to be reported by section 172,

(b) resulted in injury to a worker requiring medical treatment,

(c) did not involve injury to a worker, or involved only minor injury not requiring medical treatment, but had a potential for causing serious injury to a worker, or

(d) was an incident required by regulation to be investigated.

Secure and Manage the Scene

As required by regulation and to help us help you in conducting the investigation at your workplace, the first priority after medical aid is provided is to ensure the accident scene is secured and managed to preserve the evidence and allow for a more thorough investigation.

If you are unsure on what to do and/or need assistance with conducting investigations at your workplace… don’t worry, we’re here to help!

safety consulting compliance

WorkSafeBC regulations can be overwhelming for employers to understand even at the best times. Some of the challenges they are experiencing include:

  • Hard to find information pertaining to their specific scope of work
  • Making sense of the regulation, guidelines and/or policies as it is written
  • The differences between regulation, guidelines and policies…and
  • Determining individual responsibilities with respect to safety compliance

These are just a few examples of the issues employers face from time to time with respect to safety regulation, but fear not… most of our consultants are former WorkSafeBC officers and specialists that have a wide range of knowledge and experience in this field and are readily available to assist you.

When acting as your “Project Coordinator” or “Safety Management Consultant” on construction projects we actually liaison with WorkSafeBC Officers on your behalf leaving you worry free and rest assured that… we got you covered! 

Value added services include:

• COR/SECOR, ISNetworld, CanQual, and ComplyWorks assistance.
• Documentation and preperation assistance with COR/SECOR Audits.
• Prime contractor readiness and SubContractor Pre-Qualification.
• Project safety management and safety coordination assurance.

Remember…were here to help, so it doesn’t cost you anything to see if we can.
Don’t wait until something goes wrong …the benefits far outweigh the risk.

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