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As your company Health & Safety Coordinator, we act on your behalf addressing your project needs and requirements to ensure nothing is missed and all legislative responsibilities and due-diligence are met. We’ll work closely with your project management team on new and ongoing projects and take on the responsibility for safety coordination and management so you can focus on the project. Your Safety… Is Our Business !

project safety management

Safety Coordination

Get started off on the right foot

Coordination of Multiple Employer Workplaces… Did you know?

Excerpt (WCB Reg: Part 20.3):

“If a construction project involves the work of 2 or more employers, each employer must notify the owner, or the person engaged by the owner to be the prime contractor, in advance of any undertaking likely to create a hazard for a worker of another employer. If a work location has overlapping or adjoining work activities of 2 or more employers that create a hazard to workers, and the combined workforce at the workplace is more than 5… then the owner, or if the owner engages another person to be the prime contractor, then that person must appoint a qualified coordinator for the purpose of ensuring the coordination of health and safety activities for the location”.

It’s a commonly shared reality amongst contractors in today’s industry where they’re experiencing  the pressure and challenges of trying to comply with all the health and safety legislation requirements and responsibilities while at the same time trying to manage their projects. This combined with the daily challenges of meeting your own demanding business needs can be overwhelming… It doesn’t have to be that way!

  • Pre-Project Hazard Assessments

    To ensure your responsibilities under the regulation are met, we conduct “Pre-Project” Hazard/Risk Assessments that will ultimately give us the required information necessary to communicate any safety issues down the line. The information gathered will also allow us to start formulating and implementing any corrective measures to mitigate the risk to workers prior to them arriving on site.

  • Site Specific Safety Managements Plans (SSSMP)

    A Site Specific Safety Management Plan is a comprehensive document that includes all the necessary elements to effectively manage safety on the project. Each SSSMP is “site specific” meaning – that a hazard/risk assessment must be formed for each location prior to the beginning of any project and plays a key role in developing the SSSMP. The plan may include many elements but overall, the main purpose is to communicate the hazards of the work involved, establish guidelines for safety compliance, provide safe work procedures and instruction to all workers and stakeholders involved in the project.

  • Contractor Safety Management

    Our contractor management program will evaluate contractors pre-project to ensure they are ready prior to arriving on site and have the information necessary for a safe and successful experience.

  • Project Safety Coordination

    Maintaining safety compliance throughout the project by overseeing the trades on site to ensure they are meeting their responsibilities and have the necessary training for their scope of work.

Project Safety Management

  • WorkSafeBC Liaison

    Our consultants will act on your behalf and liaison with WorkSafeBC Officers and other legislative bodies when there is a request for information and/or follow up on orders written against the site.

  • Incident Investigations

    We ensure your due-diligence for safety investigations into reportable incidents or accidents and prepare a comprehensive report that will include a root cause analysis.

  • Project Safety Inspections

    We’ll conduct regular site safety inspections, generate and produce safety reports detailing work activities, safety issues or compliance concerns while pointing out and documenting areas of strengths and areas for improvement.

Project Safety Management

We take the pressure off so you can focus on your business!

Safety responsibilities have been a constant challenge with companies and industries alike, especially on large multi-employer projects. Tougher industry legislation, safety requirements, responsibilities, due-diligence and extensive and up to date record keeping and file management are just a few of the challenges that contractors face… and that’s on top of their already heavy workload.

Not anymore… we’re here to help!

We’ll come in and take on this responsibility so you can put the focus back on running your business. Our experienced consultants will manage all aspects of occupational health and safety for your project from start to finish.

When we take on the role of managing safety, we are virtually accepting part of the responsibility and putting our reputation on the line so you can rest assured that we are always acting on behalf of your best interest… as well as ours.

If you need professional Health & Safety Coordination and Management services for your next project…
let us show you how we take this on and ensure you achieve excellence from beginning to end!